How to choose a shower repairer Franchises Available 15 Year Product Guarantee

Here, at LeakyShowers P/L we are licensed Tilers/Waterproofers and fully trained leaky showers Technicians’. There has been an increased amount of leaky showers due to faulty waterproof membranes and workmanship, so we at LeakyShowers P/L have found a product and method of stopping leaky showers without removing tiles. This process is far cheaper than removing the old tiles and re-waterproofing and tiling the shower or bathroom. Our waterproofing/repair method will save you thousands of dollars. Not only, does our process save you money but also time, as the shower or balcony is able to be used within 24 hours. We, at LeakyShowers P/L have been using this process for over 8 years, with a success rate of stopping your shower from leaking, of over 99%. Frank De Santis, founder of Leaky Showers P/L, has been a tiling for over 20 years and has been waterproofing, repairing leaky showers/balconies for over 10 years. Our scope of work includes, Stopping leaky showers and balconies without removing tiles, Shower repairs such as (tiling, regrouting, soap dish replacement), complete shower rebuilds and renovations, new and existing bathroom / balcony waterproofing, Epoxy sealing and grouting. We, at LeakyShowers P/L pride ourselves on our professionalism, and strive for excellence and customer satisfaction at all times. Our products and services are of the highest standards with a product guarantee of up to 15 years.

Yours Sincerely,

Frank De Santis, (director) LeakyShowers P/L