You’ve been hearing a dripping sound from your shower for months, but you can’t figure out where it’s coming from. You need to call a leaky shower expert, but how do you know if the quote you receive is accurate? After all, there’s no way to look under your bathroom floor or crawlspace to see if there’s any damage. When dealing with leaky showers, it is important to have a site visit for a multitude of reasons. Let’s explore why.

The Invisible Issue

Leaky showers are a common issue and one that is especially difficult to diagnose. There are many issues that can cause water damage in a home—from an improperly sealed roof to damaged sealant—but they often don’t present themselves until long after the problem has begun. For instance, you may notice a leaky shower because your ceiling or walls are wet or discoloured; however, this could be caused by something other than a leaking shower or your shower has been leaking for many months before you’ve noticed the damage.

It’s important for professionals to use diagnostic technology when making site visit estimates so they can accurately quote repairs based on visible leaks and structural damage. Using accurate technology for diagnosis isn’t possible when receiving a quote online or through the phone. The problem needs to be seen by the eye to be understood, properly treated and accurately quoted.

Accurate Diagnosis

It’s important to have a site visit before quoting a job because it is the only way to accurately diagnose what is causing your leaking shower. The presence of moisture can cause major problems down the track, so it’s essential that you fully understand what is going on. A good leaky shower expert will take the time to visit your home and inspect your leaky shower thoroughly, so don’t hesitate to call Leaky Showers Brisbane for a site visit. This can help speed up the shower repair process and provide you with accurate information regarding how much work needs to be done, as well as how much it will cost.

The only way for us at Leaky Showers Brisbane, as well as other professional companies who specialize in this type of job, to know exactly where there might be leaks coming through into our homes or business premises, are by physically seeing them during our initial inspection visit. Anyone who quotes you otherwise should not be trusted. We are the leaky shower experts and do a pressure and moisture test on your shower and the surrounding areas and walls backing the leaking shower for no additional cost.

Prevent Future Problems

A visit to the site will allow you to get a complete picture of the problem. We may identify and prevent any future problems from occurring which saves you time and money down the track. In addition, if you have a clear understanding of what is causing your leaky shower, you can be sure that it will be fixed properly and effectively, which also saves you time and money now and later.

So, what’s the takeaway here? Well, firstly, it is important to make sure your technician can see the problem with their own eyes and verify that it is indeed a leak. Secondly, if your technician discovers that there are multiple problems with your shower—and not just one leaky shower or two—then they will be able to determine how much work needs doing and give you an accurate cost estimate.

We offer obligation-free quotes and deliver our quote along with an explanation of the problem and our solution within 72 hours of your site visit. If you suspect a leak in your shower, do not hesitate and call us today.